Designed with an exclusive plush material and easy to grip shape, so you can create a makeup application that will enhance your beauty. Rounded edges of the beauty sponge guarantee effortless blending for an even and easy makeup application every time.


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SIGNATURE by basicare, a sign of excellence. A range of professional beauty tools designed to endorse your creative passion and help achieve fabulous results.


The SIGNATURE Ultra Blender Sponge+ was developed further extensive research to achieve the highest quality premium sponge for professional results. Its special texture is not only flexible and elastic, it has perfect softness, to create the perfect bounce off effect required. Designed with the additional innovative silicone cover marked with a ‘bullseye’ guide, this waterproof cover effortlessly glides your makeup over the face, without any absorption, so no makeup waste.


Latex free, non-allergenic and odour free, making it ideal for sensitive skin.


STEP 1: Application, apply your favourite primer, foundation, highlighter or blusher to the ‘bullseye’ guide spot on the base of the silicone cover to measure the exact amount you need. Apply in a dabbing motion, to the various areas of the face, adjusting the amount applied as required.

STEP2: To blend, wet the sponge with water, squeeze out the excess, leaving the sponge damp. Now bounce the sponge over the skin for primer and foundation, or lightly tap for more delicate work, to blend seamlessly.


CLEAN: Wipe the silicone cover clean. For the sponge, first rinse in warm water, deep clean using a mild liquid or hard soap and gently massaging the sponge. Finally rinse in warm water and leave to air-dry.


TIPS: Remove the silicone cover to expose the rounded shape to cover a larger area more quickly.


Use the pointed end to reach the corners of the eyes and the wings of the nose. To achieve an invisible finish for concealer and under-eye cover, and eye shadow application.


Also use as an eraser, to cleanup the lip line, and any eye makeup smudges.


Use the larger rounded end to apply loose powder.


The edgeless shape blurs out any imperfections for a seamless, streak-free finish.


Cleanse after each use to help maintain the integrity of the sponge.


Used daily we recommend replacing your Ultra Blender Sponge+  every 3 months.


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