Ideal for applying powder products on face and body, with a full and dense brush head design for dusting pressed powder or bronzer. The rounded head shape glides effortlessly over the skin to create the perfect finish.


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SIGNATURE by basicare, a sign of excellence. A range of professional beauty tools designed to endorse your creative passion and help achieve fabulous results.


Possibly the most important beauty tool that you could ever own. With proper care, these high quality makeup brushes will last a lifetime.


 Ideal for applying powder products to both face and body, this luxuriously soft, all-purpose large headed SIGNATURE Powder & Blush Brush glides effortlessly over skin to achieve the perfect finish. Full and dense for dusting pressed powder and bronzer on the face or over the body, its rounded shape glides effortlessly over skin to achieve the perfect finish.


To use: Dip the brush into the powder and swirl. Don’t press hard or load up your brush with too much powder. Tap the brush to shake off excess powder. Brush powder onto face using light pressure. Use a small circular motion for the best possible coverage. Start at the jaw line and work your way in to the nose area. Then move to the chin area and the forehead. Apply a small amount of powder to the neck area to create a natural, finished look. Don’t forget this step or your face may end up looking like it’s a different shade than your neck, especially if you use a darker shade of powder.


Care: To maintain the performance of you brush, wash regularly with a mild detergent. Hold the brush at a slight angle, tips downwards, NEVER UPWARDS. Carefully wet the brush hair, place a little detergent on your fingertips, and shampoo in the direction of the hair. Pay special attention to the hair near the ferrule. Rinse thoroughly under gentle running water. Gently press the brush head flat in a clean dry towel, and press back into shape. Air dry flat on the towel or hang the brush, suspended with the hair tip facing downwards. Never leave to dry with the hair facing upwards, as this may allow particles to collect in, and water to run into the ferrule, which may cause the hair to fan or shed, or even cause the handle to come loose.


If using a brush cleaner following the manufacturers instructions, again, holding the brush facing downwards and dry as instructed above.


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