Fine grooming all day and every day with this cosmetic tool. Is the perfect volumiser for your eyes because of its natural bristles with precision metal comb. A protective cap keeps the groomer away from any impurity, and can be stored in your beauty kit with the rest of your makeup.


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SIGNATURE by basicare, a sign of excellence. A range of professional beauty tools designed to endorse your creative passion and help achieve fabulous results.


Possibly the most important beauty tool that you could ever own. With proper care, these high quality makeup brushes will last a lifetime.


The art of fine grooming. Define brows and lashes with professional precision.


This handy dual-use SIGNATURE Lash& Brow Groomer is a must to define your lashes and groom your brows. Brows frame your face and add definition around your eyes. Lashes help to widen your eyes and complete the definition of your look. With its long slender handle, perfectly balanced, this flexible brush will help shape and groom your eyebrows creating a volumised effect. Use the comb to help separate lashes and remove any excess mascara clumps after application.


Made with natural bristles and a precision metal comb, the comb has a protective cap for safe storage and easy travel.


To use: Keep brows neat and evenly shaped first brush in reverse direction to separate hairs, then smooth in the natural direction. Use the comb to separate lashes, applying as close to the base line as possible to remove any excess mascara clumps.


For best results, wipe the comb after each use, and replace the cap.


Care: To maintain the performance of  you brush, wash regularly with a mild detergent. Carefully wet the brush hair, place a little detergent on your fingertips, and shampoo in the direction of the hair. Rinse thoroughly under gental running water. Gently press the brush head flat in a clean dry towel, air-dry flat.


If using a brush cleaner following the manufacturers instructions.


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